April 1, 2022

5 Tips for Weight Loss Success

5 Tips for Weight Loss Success
The formula for weight loss seems simple, eat healthy foods and exercise more, but we all know it’s easier said than done!

A few tips to help you achieve weight loss success:

1. Non-scale victories

Body weight is determined by various factors, including things like hydration, meal timings, going to the bathroom and exercising. Fluctuation in weight is common & anyway, there’s more to your overall health than how much you weigh.

As well as a weekly weigh in, consider other performance or nutrition based achievements such as being able to walk for longer, lift heavier, hitting your protein target or swapping fizzy drinks for water.

2. Remove temptation

If you’re trying to lose weight, keeping unhealthy snacks & treats around the house isn’t going to help.

Head to your kitchen and take a look around, ask yourself if the foods you have will help you to reach your goal, or will set you further away from your goal?

If it’s going to be detrimental to your success, remove it from the house and next time you go shopping write a list - and stick to it - then continue to ask yourself this question as you choose your products.

Just one bite...

3. Learn to make healthy swaps

We all love eating out, the occasional treat, or take-away, so knowing how to make healthier swaps is key. Creating a healthier, sustainable lifestyle means still being able to enjoy yourself. Most menus now display calories, giving you a good indication of healthier options.

Otherwise some good swaps would be a lean meat or fish dish instead of a burger or some fruit instead of sweets. Healthy swaps can also include preparation of food, like grilling your bacon instead of frying it for example.

4. Avoid evening snacks

Evening snacks are usually unhealthy foods which are high in calories (Ice cream, crisps and sweets) the portions tend to be larger too as these foods are moreish and are often consumed mindlessly because they are comfort foods or are eaten in front of the TV so you attention is elsewhere.

5. Get enough sleep

Getting an adequate amount of good quality sleep is important for both our physical and mental health.

Sleep allows our bodies to rest and repair. Studies show that lack of sleep is linked to overeating, poor food choices and reduced exercise.

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