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get stronger

Who doesn't want to be stronger?

You're probably not trying to beat the worlds strongest man, but you'd probably love to play with your kids a bit longer, bring the shopping inside in one trip or find it easier to take the bins out every week?

Our coaches build your sessions around building functional strength, so you'll not only see improvements in the gym, but in everyday life too.

improve performance

Whether you play a competitive sport , dance, perform on stage or just want to feel your best everyday, our goal as coaches is to help you to continue to improve no matter your goal.

We understand the fundamentals of enhancing performance through smart programming and good nutrition choices.

We all want to look, feel and bring out our best, so we're here to help you fulfil your full potential.

lose weight

Whether you have a big weight loss target, want to feel a bit lighter on your feet or fit into that little black dress, we'll help you get there.

No fad diets, no gimmicks, no unrealistic 28 day transformation challenges.

Our coaches can help you to make real and sustainable lifestyle changes. focusing on mindset, quality nutrition and exercise.

Our approach is work smarter not harder, so no matter how hectic your life is, you can stay accountable to your coach, your goal and yourself.


Sarah founded ReActive Coaching in 2020 to support others and create something that goes against the grain.

Knowing first hand how significantly good nutrition and exercise habits can be life changing, Sarah left her job in Business Development to follow her dream of creating a space solely focussed on health and fitness.

Sarah has been a qualified nutritionist since 2014 and has trained private PT clients, run bootcamps and held group sessions and workshops since 2015.

She has since specialised in Kettlebell and Barbell training helping countless people overcome their fear of lifting weights and finally seeing the benefits of resistance training.

Your sessions with Sarah will be focussed on perfecting your lifting technique, losing unwanted body fat, building resilience and learning about nutrition.

"As a coach, my focus is getting you to where you need to be, not just physically, but mentally too.

It's so common to only focus on the physical element of training and forget how incredible it is for every aspect of our wellbeing.

I created ReActive Coaching to be more that just a gym, more than just a PT studio. I will help you get leaner, improve confidence and build physical and mental strength and resilience which will help to change your life in all the best ways."
Founder & Head COach

kettlebell instructor & sports massage therapist
train with sarah


Holly's mission is to help you feel healthy, strong and happy.

She has followed her lifelong passion of health and fitness by obtaining a BTEC L3 in Sport and Fitness as well as a Fitness Instructor qualification, her skills and thirst for knowledge have lead her to ReActive Coaching, securing the position of Lead FT30 Instructor.

Holly also holds a Head Coach qualification in Gymnastics, which has given her a broad and transferable skillset to further benefit her clients needs.

Holly's sessions are an exciting hybrid of strength training paired with dynamic mobility work, allowing you to not only feel strong, but move well.

Empowerment is Hollys key focus, guiding her clients on their journey to self-acceptance and ensuring they achieve their goals with her kind and understanding approach.

Your sessions with Holly will provide you with the perfect balance of strength and mobility, allowing you to build lean muscle, feel amazing and to fulfil your full potential.

‘’I want people to move, to be free, to look their best, to feel their best. I want to inspire them. This is my purpose… to focus on building a better you.

Today is your opportunity to build the tomorrow you want.”

lead ft30 & mobility Coach

train with Holly


Gemma is a fitness obsessed ReActive Coaching client turned Coach.

After joining RC in early 2023 she has since qualified as as an England Athletics Run Leader and moved up the ranks to Coach status.

Gemma has always had a strong passion for running and being a part of RC encouraged her to follow her dreams.

She had extensive previous experience in managing a run club, but due to an ongoing hip problem, she was unable to run in the capacity she used to.

Strength training has helped massively with this and Gemma is still able to enjoy helping others to reach their full running potential.

"My goal as a coach and run leader is to encourage others to fall in love with running and recognise the benefits it brings.

Running is beyond physical, it builds self esteem, physical resilience and mental strength. Running not only gives us that little bit of headspace I think we all need but also makes us realise we can how much we can achieve when we set our minds to something.

I will help you build up your miles,  improve your run times and give VO2 MAX the boost you need!

If it doesn't challenge you it won't change you.
head run for it coach

uk run leader

train with gemma

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